19 March, 2011

A month full of fun!!

This month has been so much fun! First and foremost last tuesday we were able to see our little ricey in side of me! It was a miraculous experience. I find it hard to not gain a greater testimony that God lives when you watch this little thing move inside of you. When the midwife first placed the ultrasound on my stomach (thanks goodness it was not as cold as I thought it was going to be!) she said to us "its a live one." She also said "I see heads." We stopped, and asked, " you see headSssssss? She said oh never mind there is just one! I mean we would have been excited if there were two but for now luckily there is just one! It was so amazing watching the little one move around. We said the childs brain, spine, little heart, toes, hands, ears and so forth! HOW MIRACULOUS! We also saw the little one just wiggling around and at one point we had a shot of his head and you see his little arms up in the air (or placenta) and waiving his little fingers. Can you believe a baby can begin sucking their thumb at 5 weeks? They are maybe a cenitmeter big at that point! Anyways, the midwife did not think I was going to be 14 weeks because I was so little but we were dead on 14 weeks and 2 days, as of last tuesday. Tomorrow is our 4 month mark. I still do not have much of a belly. It just looks like I over ate for lunch.... I hope this little one gives me a cuter bumb that does not look like fat by the time Tori gets married! :) Here is the picture of our ultrasound!
On April 21, we will find out what the gender of our little ricey is! We cannot wait!!!

Another thing that happened this month is Ty surprised the sin out of me!! He decided he wanted to drive me to school, which is weird because he rather sleep 99 percent of the days that he does not have class and I do. I was too focused on thinking about calculus that I did not have time to figure out what he wa up to. He then picked me up and told me he dropped his phone under the seat and asked if I could grab it for him. When I went to reach down I found a bag. In this bag was 2 gift certificates. One for a massage, the other for a girlfriend and me to get a pedicure. I got so embarassed, which made him laugh! It was so sweet of him and I did not see it coming. I also loved watching him smile all day becaue he surprised me and finally bought me something! I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband. (Dont worry I already used the massage, it was a hot stone massage and it was HEAVENLY!!!)

We also received our rocking chair and moved the rocking shair into the den where the baby will sleep and moved the piano out in the living room (where my mother says it belongs.) Thank you Melaleuca! It is because of them we got our rocking chair for free. They do a rewards point system, in which you have so many certain points, it is worth so much american money. Ty had saved up his points and we got a really nice chair for free!!! YAY!

Lat night was probably one of the greatest nights. There were previous tenants that lived above us who thought they could just store their bikes in front of our neighbors yard for as long as they wanted, but it has been more than half a year and they have yet to pick them up. So we took them for a ride! :) As we were out riding, Ty realized he hates the bike he is riding and wanted us to go buy our own! So guess what we did? YUP, we went to walmart and bought bikes! Then we went for a bike ride. Today I am going to pick ty up at work with my bike (his bike is there) and we are going for a lovely ride!! I am so excited!! We have so many plans to just ride bikes. Riding bikes take me back to the mission, so I absolutely would ride a bike everyday if I did not have to be in class at 745!
this is my yes face


Carrie said...

Yeah, well Jeff surprised me with 16 pedicures, 3 4-hour massages, $20,000 to just go shopping with and buy whatever I want and really expensive jewelry... but I mean, that's cool with what Ty got you.... haha jk that's tight! What a sweet husb. That's soo weird you have a fetus growing inside of you. I hope you're showing by the time you come down for the wedding! Can't wait to see you!

Julie said...

How fun! Sweet baby! I think It has my eyes :) Happy, Fun times!! We love you guys!!