05 October, 2014

The fun of two kids

 I originally was afraid of having two kids. Could I really love another kid as much as I loved Tanner? Could I handle more than one kid? How would I handle nap times? Will Tanner feel left out? And so many other questions and fears. However, I LOVE!!! having two kids. Tanner is the sweetest big brother. He loves trying to hold her. He also loves when she wakes up. The instant she wakes up I hear him yell "shay's awake and she poop." Then he will run and get me a diaper and check in on her. He loves getting her toys and telling everyone about her. I had a hard time for the first week, because Tanner was beginning to act like a baby (he needed to be held and rocked and fed a bottle, etc...) and was obviously feeling left out and I felt bad, and then I felt bad because I was not able to get to know/enjoy Shay because I was busy trying to figure out how to not feel bad that Tanner was in his adjustment period. After that week it has been nothing but fun!Tanner gets the smiles and she just stares at him and cannot wait for him to enter the room. She is very alert. He loves to share his toys with her. She is so snuggly.

Ty has a picture of his wearing this suit, so we decided to put Tanner in it too!

30 September, 2014

Winter Fun

Winter has been good to us this year! My parents, the Angulo's, came up and took us to see the ice castle. They brought along Brigham, which made Tanner and Briggs super happy. They loved playing together in the snow and being silly in the house. They are little besties! The only reason I would like to live in Vegas again is so that my kids can be near their cousins, luckily  we only live a 5 hour drive away. Here are some pictures of the ice castle and fun:


Tanner has loved playing in the snow: