17 April, 2011

2 Beautiful Weddings

March 26, 2011 was a beautiful day for the Owen family. Ty and I had the chance to drive down to Salt Lake and do a session in that temple. That same day Tori got her endowments out. It was the most beautiful moment. I could not stop but think how cool it must have been for my parents to have all but one of their children, all of their grandchildren and a soon to be grandchild in the temple with them. That may never happen again! It was abeautiful temple sealing of the Owen family. Xochitl and Byron were sealed first and then they brought in the little ones! Satoria walked in pushing Oliver with the most precious smile on her face. Oliver saw mommy and yelled "mommy!" He then put his little head on her shoulder! It was such a beautiful sight to watch the family be sealed together to know they will be with each other for all eternity!

After the sealing we went to a passover dinner. It was four and a half hours long! It was so much fun! We learned so many things and can you believe people today in the jewish culture will the do the pasover for more than one day! It is an amazing way to give thanks and celebrate God. Everyone typically prays in unison and gives great thanks for everything. They are spending much time with the family and when it comes down to it, it all symbolizes Christ's atonement. Not only does it symbolize what Christ did but it also symbolizes his relationship with God and the Holy Ghost! It was such ana amazing experience! Thanks parentals!

April 19, 2011 was the day the Becksteads were wed. Tori and Sean had a rough day forgetting all sorts of important paperwork, but after everything was found, they were sealed. It was a cute sealing. Tori got too embarassed to kiss Sean in front of everyone and also did not put the ring on Sean. The weather was supposed to be rainy, but it was just chilly all day. The garden that my mother planted was beautiful! They had delicious philipino food. It was just fun. Unfortunately Ty was unable to make it since he just got the internship and needed time to prepare for Idaho white glove. Since I went alone I decided to be silly and slow dance with my little baby bump! It was a blast catching up with family members. Jack and I also danced. I also got to hang out with my girls for a little girl chat. Being up here in Idaho that does not happen often so It was great being able to chat with them! Here are some of the pictures Trevon took! They are so amazing!!

oh also I had to put the flowers on the cake but I did not know how the cake decorator wanted it so this is how the cake ended up...

I will post pictures of my mother's garden when Trevon post some pictures.

I love weddings!!!

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Shalyce said...

such beautiful pictures! miss you two so much!