17 April, 2011

Playing Catch up

School starts in 2 days! Why?! This break was not long enough, but it was well needed! I already talked about the weddings. We also were blessed to spend time with the Taylor's. It was fun having them in our home! They spoiled us rotten with lots of diapers and wipes for the little one! They also bought us tons of groceries. Most because Cody eats a lot but still it was very kind of them! We had a great time at Craigo's, it was heaven for me since that has been the only thing I have craved since being pregnant (tomato sauce.) Ty was able to spend lunch time with them and give them a small campus tour while I was showing off my lens poster in my physics class. We played sharks in the pool at their hotel. The beauty about being prego is you do not get attacked to hard! :) or I would have lost every time ha! Ty was also able to have a great conversation with his Grandma when she stayed with him for a night while I was in Las Vegas. His brother Cody stayed longer than the rest of the family and is now living in Casper, WY. He has already found a job! YAY! It is so fun watching Ty with his little brothers! Whenever they see each other all of their shirts go up to see who has the best abs or guns! Ryan is already only 2 inches shorter than Ty and is 10 years younger! He is a funny kid! Kyrk is amazing, we are so stoked for him to come up to school, not only for the free babysitting but also for the great joyful spirit he brings to our home. We talk about how often we would like to become more like him.

After I got back from Las Vegas Ty and I went and celebrated our Year mark since we are unable to go to Guatemala. We had an amazing relaxing weekend in Jackson, WY. We just ate a lot of food! It was wonderful! Here are a few pictures from our trip!
We had some delicious mexican food. Ty had mole! The family that owned the restraunt lived in a small town outside of Puebla, which is where my grandfather is from. I had yummy tacos.

We saw a ton of mountain goats when we went driving. It was so cool!!!

This is the hotel we stayed at. It was LEED certified, which means it was all eco friendly. It was such a beautiful hotel, very modern. There was hardly anyone in the small town of Teton Village, which made the trip even more relaxing. It was so nice not to think about school or work, just live in the moment. I personally really needed it!

This is the beautiful town of Teton Village. It wasa beautiful drive out there.

This was some yummy sushi Ty had. He got one roll that had all sorts of great fresh fish. He had another sushi that was just rice and TONS of salmon eggs. He loved it, I am so glad I cannot eat raw fish or he might have made me try it! I just had a yummy eel and shrimp roll. It was such a different atmosphere, everyone there was getting drunk and we were so grateful we never wanted to become a part of that lifestyle, it seems so boring! After we had some sushi we went to a BBQ place and had a yummy smoked BBQ ribs! It was delicious!
On or way home we stoped in Victor at the cheeseburger factory and had the most delicious burger ever! Ty got the crazy burger and I got a mushroom burger. We still do not know how we got the burgers in our mouths, but they were so tasty!

When we got home we bought Ty a new bike, since he broke his other one. We went for a nice long bike ride. We love biking!! We would love to bike to driggs, stay there a night and bike home, but we need to train first!! We laugh about doing it because his bike is legit but mine is a cute purple cruiser so it will look funny as we bike there!! We are just loving life one day at a time. In 4 days we find out if we are having a little boy or girl! We are so excited!!

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what a great hotel! and yummy food!