28 February, 2011

Time flies!

Well I have not updated this in awhile, so I thought I would take the time on this beautiful, yet cold, sabbath day to inform you of what has been going on in our life thus far.

We are having a baby!!! In december I began having horrible mood swings and other symptoms of being pregnant. As we drove down to Vegas to celebrate christmas with my family, I informed Ty I thought we might be pregnant. As soon as we returned from the break, I took a test and had a melt down when I saw it was positive. The first thoughts that ran through my mind were "oh dang it! what about our guatemala trip? How am I going to do my final 2 semesters with a little one?!" You see, Ty and I in August already bought plane tickets to return to his mission. By the time we would go, this july, I would be 7 months pregnant, which means no flying for me! As I began to panick, I began to pray. As i was praying, I had the reassurance that  this was Heavenly Father's plan for us. Ty then came home and I brought out the stick and just held it there until he looked and realized that we were pregnant. He picked me up and was so excited! He made it a tender moment! Thank heavens for him! If he would have panicked, it would not have been as exciting as it should have been. 

I am now 13 weeks along and this week will be my first appointment with the midwife and hopefully the first ultrasound.

I have been blessed beyond reason with not getting sick, it is just a testimony to me how this is God's plan because being in school, I do not have time to be sick! I am tired and hungry all the time, which means Ty has to cook and clean more! Yay for me :)

Ty has been wanting two things ever since we got married, an ipad and a sound system. Well this birthday was the luckiest birthday for him... he got both! The sound system was half off at best buy, so that was my gift to him. Then, due to the generous birthday gifts and a check that he got from melaleuca for refering someone, we did not have to pay a dime!! We figure get the toys before the baby! :)
Samsung 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater System

Ty also finally convinced me to get some decent running shoes. I have just been using little cheap guys not realizing they are hurting my back more than helping. So, we went and tried some on. As soon as I tried them on, i felt my back just hurt a ton, and i realized these might be good for me! I have loved them ever since!

We also found out Xochitl, my older sister, is a month behind me in pregnancy so it has been great getting all the tips form her!! We love the thought of having a baby, just wish you did not have to be pregnant to have one! :)
   Ty's IBC group is doing amazing!!!! They have broken even within the second week of being open with the loan they had to get to get started!! In case you did not know they are taking cars from trashy to classy. They do car detailing for ten dollars! I personally love having them do it because they do an amazing job. Ty is currently the CEO of his group and has done a lot of work to make sure everyone is happy! I love watching him work hard! He is amazing!

IDetail Cars 

I forgot to mention that both Cody and Kyna were in town for Ty's birthday and that was fun for us. We also have been very busy with school. Classes are keeping us busy, but we are loving them! They are helping us learn the things we need to know for our future careers! I also got a call from a good friend back in Taiwain who just got baptized. She called just to tell me she loves me and misses me. It was a tender call and made me miss the mission that much more!

Good luck for now!!


Carrie said...

wha?? so you're doing a home birth?

Ty & Kelli Taylor said...

no care bear! It is at a clinic. If anything goes wrong there are doctors on call, but I do not want a doctor I want a midwife. So, i can do whatever I want to when i want to! Dazang!

The Boyce's said...

Sounds like things are going pretty good for your cute little family! We're so excited for you & know that you'll make amazing parents! And YAY for not being sick! Such a blessing! What are you gonna do about your trip to Guatemala??