24 February, 2014

Summer Fun

This summer has been FUN!!! It has been filled with moving into our new home, getting to know the town, having family over and traveling. We really just love where we are at!! Here are some highlights from this summer:

We went on a cruise for our 3 year anniversary! We went to Catalina Island and Ensanada, Mexico. Ty and I went power snorkeling in Catalina (i had a panic attack in the water that I could no longer swim, got to love being 4 months pregnant.) It was so cool seeing all of the fish, once I calmed down. The wet suits made us look like a bunch of sillies! We all walked like ducks! In Ensanada Ty took a surfing lesson. We went to shows at night and ate amazing food. We hardly lasted past 10 pm, we realized how old we were! We had great people to sit by, so it made the cruise that much better! Here are some photos:

Tanner and I had the opportunity to go to the Heslop reunion in Moses Lake, WA. That is where Tanner gained his love for four wheelers and the nickname for Grandpa Taylor became Bob. We had such a great time hanging out with family, unfortunately Ty had to work so he could not join us. We then spent a week in Union, Wa with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor. Tanner loved chasing around Blue, going to a museum, riding Grandpa's four wheelers, playing with cars and trains, beating up Uncle Ryan, and so much more. I got to learn how to make things for Shay and made my first blanket for her. I also got to learn how to can and went picking blueberries. Grandma was then able to drive us home and spent almost a week with us. That was such a blessing to me because I got to paint shay's room. Ty, Kyna and Julie went paddle boarding and almost died, but at least they made a memory right? :) Here are some pictures that sum of the fun we had:

We have been blessed to work on our home. Ty fixed up the pioneer summer cooking house into a shed. He made a door, redid the roof, added shelves and opened the ceiling in the shed. I am so impressed with all he did. He also put more shelves in Tanner's bedroom. Here are pictures of the shed:

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