25 February, 2014

Second Annual Angulo Girl's Weekend and Halloween

This girls weekend took place in October, 5 weeks shy of Shay being born. It was so much fun! How can it not be? Some of my favorite people in one place.

Day 1: French Fry Bar with everyone! The French fry bar was BOMB! There was truffle oil, different cheeses, chili, gravy and so much more. The kids loved hanging out with Babba outside and making Briggs laugh.

Day 2: Breakfast at Panera and then shopping at Jo-Ann's for our craft day. We made a box to send to our Cousin, Kristen who was soon to have a baby. I made christmas ornaments, Tori made a Harry Potter quiet book, Xochitl made hair accessories and Wendy made several things. (Sorry Wendy I forgot the things you were making.) I was then surprised by for a family baby shower at Bucca di Beppos. I was getting so annoyed with Ty as he was driving us there, I know he wants to learn the city so I let him drive. Once we got in there the server asked if we were there for the baby shower. I quickly said no and was confused why she thought that (even though I was clearly pregnant.) I still had no idea there was a baby shower for us there. It was very sweet and the food was delish! We then went to Tori's dance recital (I always love when I get the chance to watch her dance.) Tori, Xo, and my mother went to get massages, I went to get a mani/pedi because I was too far a long I knew they would not allow me to get a massage. We took pictures (thanks Canico.) I know that was the sexiest, I just didn't have the heart to break it to the sisters! We then went to dinner at Fleur, which was delicious as well, we ate all the food before I remembered to take a picture!  Went then went to Lush, love that stuff.Then the cream of the crop show: Micheal Jackson One. We had a-mazing!! seats. We were like 5 rows from the stage, the show was beyond amazing!


Chris giving Link a lemon. 

 Day 3: French Fry bar again, because we all begged for it! My mother than gave us these darling goodbye presents! Which had Elizabeth Smart's book (a must read) and treats to keep girl's weekend alive, even when we go back home. Tori and I then did our crafts at their house.

Ty went home and Tanner and I decided to stay since Halloween was so close! He loves Halloween so much that when we went home, he kept asking to go "wick or weat." He loved the idea of going home to home asking for candy. We dressed him up as a stick figure. We also got to go to a ward trunk or treat, always a blast seeing such familiar faces! I love the Whitney Ranch Ward! Here are just a few pictures:

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