25 June, 2013

Our First home!

For those who have asked, and for those who don't know..we bought a home!!!!

Back story: you can find the back story on how we got to Utah, when we had not planned that in the previous blog. How we bought this amazing home in the middle of nowhere is very easy to explain. We were looking at homes in the Lehi, American Fork or Pleasant Grove. I get a FB message from Ty telling me to check out a home, it was in Mt. Pleasant, Ut. I told him it was lovely, but an hour and a half south of where he works and all I get is "Oh, I didn't tell you?" So naturally I figured it out that the company is moving! So I began the research and found out the town that the most people our age was Fairview, they also had the most educated people. I then saw there was only 1300 people. I cried for a very long time! I never wanted to live in a small town... I am NOT a small town girl. I love traffic and noise and lights. Silence scares me. So after my cry fest, I went and looked for homes and saw the one we are now living in. I fell in love!!! I knew I wanted it before even seeing it in person. We went down and saw it in person, all Ty could say was, "I don't want to say how much I love it, in case we don't get it!" We had looked at a few other homes that were trashy and they already had bids on it, so we were shocked this home did not have a buyer yet. We put it in an offer and got it!!! Man being a first time buyer, stinks! There is so much paper work and other paper work to verify the original paperwork. I am so amazed by my husband. He was able to get prequalified and get a loan all on his own, his credit was that amazing!

We moved in May 17th and had so much help. This town is wonderful, our church brought us a meal every night for a week, since we didnt have a stove. They have made us feel so welcomed!  My parents also came up that weekend and helped us move in. Then 4 days later, my in laws came in to town so celebrate Julie's 50th birthday. We surprised her with seeing Cody and some of her best friends for a birthday party. They helped us continue to move in and Cody cut down one of the trees in our front yard. Here are some pictures of that weekend:

Okay now on to the home!  Please do not judge it harshly.. we are only about 75% done with the home. Decor and painting still needs to be done! It is a 1989 home that has been completely remodeled! It has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a cellar. Not including the cellar, the house is about 1600 sq. ft.

 Outside View
 Original Pioneer home, that we are turning into a shed
 Living room from front door
 Living room from kitchen
Kitchen from side door (Ty chose the appliances, beautiful right?)
 Kitchen from Laundry room
Bathroom from Laundry room
 Master bedroom from Living room (please dont judge it still needs a lot of work!)
 Master Bedroom from Bathroom
Master Bedroom from storage closet
Master Bath 
Stairs from Living room
 Tanner's room from the hall
 Tanner's room from the bedroom corner
 Tanner's room from 1/2 bath
 showing how all three rooms connect
1/2 bath from Tanner's room
 Spare room from hall
 Spare room from bed
Spare bed from closet, the door you see goes into a bathroom. This room (the spare room) needs the most help because....

It will be baby number 2's room and we do not have a gender yet!

Tanner loves this home! He loves to feed the horses, our neighbors and play in the dirt before we plant grass! Here are some pictures:

 He loves spraying me with the hose and getting muddy!
 He is a big helper with the yard, we put them somewhere and he takes what we have done and puts it somewhere else!

 He loves feeding the horses


Mary-Anne said...

Your house is adorable!!! I love it. I'm so glad you're liking your ward. That seriously makes all the difference!

Julie said...

Yeah!! WE are so happy for you! I love the pictures! Tanner is so cute with his train, his look almost says, You want me to share?! Thanks again for the fun weekend.

Katie S. said...

Well, gee. Hello there long lost roommie! Pretty sure you're family is adorable and I'm so happy for your soon-to-be new arrival and also jealous that you have a house (we're still renting) AND I've had my eye on that shower curtain from Target for quite some time that I see you have. Miss you girlie!

Peace in the middle east,
Katie Lady

katie grinder said...

Kell. You house is awesome. Such a beautiful home. So happy for you. :)