31 March, 2013

Easter Fun and a Year and a Half Old Son

                                                             Spring church wear!
                                                                   Sunday Walk

 New Game developed, that he can play for hours! We just pull the tape measure and lets go


                                           New Playground! They found rocks and snails!
                                                                       Park Fun!

Easter fun! We put candy in easter eggs and he loved the chocolate ones! Then we decorated easter eggs. Two were smushed and only one survived! He loved every minute of it!      

 Favorite game? Slamming the doors! We went on an easter egg hunt, where Ty just through the eggs. Tanner was in Heaven. He also loved spilling the eggs and eating the candywith grass and dirt!

Tanner is a year and a half old. He knows the sounds to a horse, monkey, cow, dog and elephant. He knows all of his body parts. He can still only say "I did it" "More" "yeah" "no" (he has no down well) He is so close to saying so many more things. We look forward to the day he talks... He still loves food and little kids, especially little girls. He has started Nursery and we will see how that goes, since I am the teacher.

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Tori Beckstead said...

I miss that cute boy!!! I love seeing all these pictures!!