15 February, 2013

Life now

Rewind back to two weeks before graduation, we were set to move to Spokane, no matter what it took. We had found two places we were thinking about living and had job interviews lined up. We then got a     tip from Kyna to check BYUs marketing website and applied to The Green Polka Dot Box. We went down to American Fork for Ty to have an interview and he got the job on the spot! YAY! The down side? We are not living in beautiful city of Spokane. We are living in Highland, Ut. As soon as we got in from Guatemala, we spent the night at my parents and then left at 3 am that Friday. It was such a blessing we left that early, because we missed a very nasty storm. We got in to Rexburg around 3 pm and started loading the truck, we decided we could probably finish everything that night, so we called up some of our friends and finished packing by 9 at night. We finished cleaning by 10 and went to bed. We woke up early and drove down to Provo. Of course we wanted to see Tanner so we stopped by Kyna's place and Tanner was asleep. We unloaded all of the stuff we are keeping in Kyna's basement for storage. He stayed asleep the whole time, so after 3 hours I woke him up! :) I couldn't wait!!! He wasn't thrilled to see me, but maybe because I woke him up. However he was excited to see his father. So we then moved in to our new place the next day. We unpacked almost everything by the time Tanner and I went up to Washington for a week and a half. It was so cute watching Tanner see all of his toys again, because most of the toys had been packed up for months. I did not want have to pack everything last minute, so we packed it almost every weekend of fall semester. Ty's favorite thing of the move is that he gets to grow out his beard:

After 5 days of being in Highland, Ut we went to the Taylor's home. It was so cute to see how much Tanner remembered, where all of his favorite treats and toys were. He loved going back! We had fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa until they left on their trip to Hawaii, then we had fun with Uncle Ryan. They took us to the zoo and Tanner loved seeing all of the animals, especially the fish! When Tanner took naps I made him a quiet book. i am quite proud of it. It was fun just hanging out with him and not worrying about homework or lesson plans. We then came home after a week and a half, wish we had more time, but loved being with Ty again.

 We made the same faces!

                                                            Grandpa did Tanner's hair

This will have finger puppets when I find them.

 This is a rocket on a string that he can pull back and forth and a build a dragon.

(I got most of my patterns and ideas from the following websites: and and and the rest from my head or the quiet book Ty grew up with!)

We have had a lot of fun family time, since neither one of us have to worry about school. It is glorious!!!! We took Tanner sledding for the first time. He watched Ty go head first so naturally Tanner wanted too. He LOVED it until he cut open his lip a little bit on another sled. We have had some fun play dates with Katelyn and Cohen. We have gone on lots of walks and played in the snow. We have painted, played with cars and every other toy in his room, colored, watched tv (which is so funny!) We have created some yummy desserts and shared sandwiches, made a fort and so much more fun. Seriously being a stay at home mother is the best!!!! I am grateful for Ty and how hard he works so I can be home with Tanner. He is so fun! We also got to spend the time with Ty's cousins, since Shorty got married in Manti. Here are some pictures of our fun lately:

Tanner cut his hand on an open can in the trash can after I told him to stay away from the trash. The only thing that calmed him down was taking a bath in the sink, then a real bath. This kid loves baths and the playdough soap the Owens got him for christmas.
FHE at Jump on it! Tanner couldn't really jump he just ran in place, it was so cute. He loved it!!

 Tanner ran around with his shirt covering his face and running into things. It was so funny and he thought he was funny so he did it for about 10 minutes!

Shorty's wedding



Tori Beckstead said...

I miss that cute little boy! He said he wants to live in vegas!

Julie said...

What a fun life you have!! Thanks again for helping us out!

Shalyce said...

He is growing up so fast! I seriously can't believe it!