04 August, 2012

STOP GROWING UP, but grow up...

Okay here is a post dedicated to my little Tan the man. Some how he is a little less than 2 months away from being a year old! Say what? He is already walking the little stud. He skipped crawling, well he crawls but it is very unique. He has one leg in crawling position and the other in walking position, it is so cute!!! I will have to get a photo of it. He has been able to pull himself up and walk around things for two months now. Then about 3 weeks ago he began taking small steps in between Ty and I. Then Last Saturday when we were out with the Taylor's he began walking long distances. Then on Wednesday he was holding on to a wall, let go and walked to me and now he does it all the time!!! He also likes to walk by holding on to my pants as I walk, he is so funny, because he guides me where he wants to go. He loves that he can get around with out our help. He also has been able to sit himself up from laying down position. for the past 3 weeks.  He began clapping two weeks ago and loves to clap, especially at Ty. He also reaches out when he wants someone. He is a little chatter box and is still talking two naps a day. He also has his top two teeth coming in right now, he does well with it after they cut through. He loves to point at everything. Right now he loves airplanes. Even if we are in our home and he hears them, he will point up, as though he is pointing at them and get excited. He loves his grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins. It is so cute to see him interact with them. He still loves the ladies. I cannot take him anywhere with out him pausing and checking out girls, oh no! He is so good at mimicking noises. It is cute when people laugh how he grunts. He is mostly a grunter but sometimes he will go off on something like he is having a full on conversation with the object. He is still in 12 month clothing and size 4 diapers. He has been this size since 7 months old. Quite possibly the longest he has stayed in any size. He loves to go swimming and play in the water. We take him to what is called the splash park here in Rexburg and he loves playing there and chasing girls. He loves older kids and thinks they are so funny! He eats most everything by himself and he LOVES to eat. There is not anything he does not love. He especially loves: green beans, gold fish, ice cream, pasta (any kind) and watermelon. He is a champ and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. Here is some photos:

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HeidiC said...

He is very cute. We are defiantly arranging a marriage for him and Lucy. I laughed when you said he was a chatter box. I wouldn't expect anything but a social child considering who his mother is:)