27 July, 2012

Playing catch up

It has been a long time coming...

Ty knows how awkward I get when the spotlight is on me. That is why only a few people know the day of my birth. So, in order to make me more awkward, he makes the "special" day become a very "special" week! I am very spoiled by him, but it seriously makes blush every day! I could not have asked more or a perfect mother's day, primarily because I got to spend time with my two boys!

Day one: Circus! Ty surprised me with tickets to a circus I did not even know was in town! It was so much fun! It was so cute watching Tanner scream at the clowns and animals. I got a free circus mustache!

Another thing that has happened recently is Tanner decided to have a yucky stomach virus (see our last post) and right after having the virus he cut his first tooth! Then we had the chance to go up with a few families in our ward to a cabin in Montana! It was so much fun, we got snowed in! Here are some pictures: (oh by the way, this is where Tanner decided to get sick and cut his second tooth)

Then Tanner decided to get a bacterial infection in his chest and we are finally clearing that up! I took my two Praxis and Ty got to play manager for a day at work. Oh and Ty and I celebrated our two year anniversary! It has been an amazing two years. He planned this awesome date where we were going to take lessons for flying and then we would get to actually fly the plane!!! So cool right? unfortunately Idaho is awesome and although it was 90 the day before he hailed and had a big nasty storm come so we ended up just eating out and enjoying each others company with out our little one! Thanks Kyrk for watching him!

 Now on to Father's day: We started off with some homemade bagels (it was our first time and they tasted delicious!) Then we went to an airshow (to bad tanner didn't love planes like he does now!) I also made an awesome, delicious chocolate/peanut butter cake and we bought reeses ice cream and unfortunately I forgot what we did for dinner, but I am sure it was good! Here are our bagels! Oh we also had a BBQ on the actual Father's day.

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