24 August, 2012

Oh The Joys We Have Had in One Month

I forgot to mention in a previous post that  I got a root canal done and went up to Moses Lake to celebrate Ty's Grandma J's birthday! That was such a fun weekend. We camped out on her lawn, we went jet skiing, ate great food, and surprised Grandma J with a birthday party. Tanner was so distracted with everyone and everything so we had to stick him in the pantry to take naps. So silly. Okay on with my post.

I cannot believe the fun we have had in the past month. Where to begin? How about from the beginning? Alright! The Taylor's came up to pack Kyrk up and take him before he left for his mission. We got to watch him go through the LDS temple. (Thank you to Ryan who watched Tanner as he cried for a good portion of it, because his third tooth just happen to cut through after we left for the temple.) Everyone (but Tanner and I) headed down to Lava Hot Springs, where we met up with Cody and his girlfriend. I had a final to finish and Tanner needed to nap, so we stayed back. As soon as I finished the final, we met up with them and had a fun weekend at Lava Hot Springs. The Taylors rented this awesome home, in which we all got our own rooms. We got to go swimming and soak in the hot springs, eat good food and enjoy good company. It was such a relaxing weekend!

After that, I hopped on a plane and headed to Vegas for 5 days. It was a wonderful visit although the reason for visiting was not the most fun. I had to get a cap placed on my root canal. The root canal was way more relaxing! Then I hopped back on a plane and met up with lovely husband.

Two days later we drove down to Utah to meet up with my family. We went to the mall to kill time and get Ty some sunglasses, since Tanner broke them or he lost them, when out of the blue Chris scares the crap out of me. Who would have guessed him and Wendy would be there killing time too? We then met up with everyone at Tucanos...Yummy. After lunch we went to the great Family camp called Aspen Grove. Oh the fun we had. We each had our own cabins and it was about 1/3 of a mile hike to get from our cabins to the activities. Great workout! We probably walked 4-5 miles a day not counting the activities. The activities we did were paintballing, archery, the ropes course (climb up a log, rock climb from there and then walk on a wire,) swimming, learning how to make potery, ate delicious food and made fun of the complainers. Tanner had his first ice cream cone and LOVED IT, thank you Abueltia Angulo! I mean he really loved it, he normally throws food just to watch it fall (he likes to eat everything)  but he would not let go of the ice cream cone. We also got to watch a funny movie called Unicorn City. I was also introduced to the game Munchkins, cursed Dragon it killed me twice. We got to bust out some awesome dance moves. We did 2 hikes, one where we got lost, but it was still beautiful and the other we hiked straight up hill to a waterfall. It was great! (I wish we could have done the one with Chris and Wendy, they hiked Mt. Timp. at midnight, but when you have a young buck, you dont get the privilege of doing things like that.) Here are some pictures (There are more but I need to get them from people.)

                    First peach, he wanted to eat it whole...

Then after that week of fun, we got to hangout with Kyna for a few days and we made headbands (my first crafty thing.) Since then I tried a few more crafty things.. cursed pintrest.

Ty ran a relay race with Melaleuca, oh which by the way he finally quit that job and works for NeonBrand. Anyways, he ran little over 15 miles and part of that was in the teton pass, all uphill. I am very proud of him. They finished first at the finish line and fourth overall.

We also have played with the ducks and at the park. You may notice that Tanner is walking by himself in these pictures. That is right, he finally gained confidence and is walking by himself!! SO proud. He start walking confidently without us about 2 weeks now. He loves to run out the door and chase girls, as you will see from the pictures at the park.

                                                      Teaching Tan how to throw rocks

                                                                     He has no neck!

                                                   Singing us a song in the car ride home.

                                         Loves his big boy chair from Ty's Grandma Anderson

                 You cannot tell in the pictures above that Tanner kept reclining his chair, so here is Ty acting it out.

                                                         Trying to climb out of the slide

         This is him chasing a little girl who was about the age of 5. He followed her everywhere it was so cute!

All these pictures are because I was trying to document his irst fat lip (well second if you count when he just came out of the womb...)

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Shalyce said...

Oh my goodness! He is so grown up! When did that happen?! Also, your hair looks amazing!