23 September, 2012

Tanner Turns 1

Uh, weird right? Tanner is one!!! He is just an amazing boy! He began walking at about 10 months and became more confident over time. Right now his favorite toys are push toys. He loves them so much he tries to push people too. It kills me. He also loves cars, he loves rolling them on the floor, throwing them, playing with their wheels and carrying them around the house. He also loves dinosaurs. One night, recently he was drinking his bottle and I was attacking him with his dinosaur. He turns to the dinosaur and starts feeding it his bottle. It killed me. We got him a hammer for his birthday and he loves to bang on doors with it.  Although he loves toys, he LOVES to read!! Loves, loves, loves to read. It is the only time he will snuggle with me. He will bring a book to me and then sit on my lap as we read it. He is great at sharing and falling on just the same side of his head, I am pretty sure there is a permanent bruise there. :) His teeth are coming in at a weird order. He has his top two and bottom two and now has his back first molars coming in. He has not been handling them as bad as I thought he would, but there has been two nights where he has come to sleep in our bed. Oh man I love to snuggle with him, but sleeping at night is a whole 'nother story. We have a king sized bed and yet I find my self falling off with him. He likes to be up against his bumpers when he sleeps in his crib, which means when he sleeps with us, he likes to be right against me. If I roll over or turn to the side, he rolls closer to me. So by the time half the night is through i am at the very end of the bed and he is living a good life. He also talks and snores in his sleep. The combo of Ty and Tanner means no sleep for me! Yet, I love it!!! After I got up to get ready for school one morning, Tanner rolled over until he was snuggled up next to Ty. It melted my heart!!! I love being a mother.

Okay, okay let us get to the good stuff. Tanner's birthday party! We went to Utah for a day and spent his birthday with family. His cousin, Oliver, was turning three and so we did a joint birthday party. My father, Stephanie and Harrison (I finally got to see him in person.) Tori and Briggs, Chris and aunt wendy made it up. My mother got really sick the night before, Trev and Sean had to work and Wendy had to study. We started the day off eating at Texas de delicious! Then we played at Lush, where Xochitl works. Then the kids played at the little dinosaur gym. It was so cute watching Tanner with his cousins. He loved playing with them. It was cute to watch Satoria pick him up, since he weighs as much as she does if not more. We then went back To Xochitl's and Byron's place where we made monster cupcakes and opened gifts. The kids were so cute playing with each other's gifts. Tanner got some amazing gifts from his grandparents, and aunts and uncles. Oh and he may or may not have had three cupcakes because I forgot to feed him dinner on his birthday....Here are some pictures:

On his actual birthday his Great Grandma Anderson showed up and brought him some darling John Deere toys:

Some boys have favorite toys, Tanner does not. He loves them all!! Oh it is cute to watch him with the cars toy, his baba and abuelita gave him, because his little friend Juliette will sit in the car and he will push her and LOVES to push her. He will also push the car really far and then chase it. He kills me.

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