13 March, 2012

A day in the Life of us

You may be thinking to yourself, "wow what an ordinary picture of a soy sauce and syrup bottle, and a random blue sharpie." Let me tell you this may look ordinary but these are items we found in the pile of clothes I was transfering from the washer to the dryer. Yes!!! These items here some how got completely washed with all of our clothes and some how did not open or break and ruin EVERYTHING! Pretty sure it is because Heavenly Father was too busy laughing at us that some how all of these items were being washed with our clothes that he allowed everything to stay intact and we did not have to go buy new stuff. After Ty and I laughed about how these items made it in to our wash, I began thinking of all the dumb things we do a day and thought, maybe it will make some feel that their life is not that bad when they realize how ridiculous we are! So here is what happened to us on Saturday:

I wake up to Ty and Tanner playing on the Ipad (this particular saturday had a long night before hand with Tan waking up every 20 minutes so Ty took Tan so I could sleep in)

Tan went down for a nap and we did homework/ picked up our home

Tan wakes up so we go to the gym on campus. As we are loading Tan into the stroller we run into a buddy of ours. After chatting, we walk to the gym and I run into a very large sign. Ty says, "sorry i should have warned you about the sign." I replied, "no, unfortunately that sign was too large, there was no warning needed. Who runs into a sign that big?" Then we laughed.

We then went running, and I farted as I passed two girls (I tried to keep it in!) :) Fingers crossed that they didnt hear it!

We then left and went to Big 5 to try and find Tan a swimsuit and floaty so we could take him swimming, we found them. Tanner decided everything in the store was his and began stretching his hand out to touch and try and eat everything while screaming in his high pitched scream he has created lately. It was so cute!

After that we ran home to grab our swimsuits and head out to the hot springs so Tanner could go for his first swim. On the way there we see that a cop has closed off the road that we need to get to Green Canyon, and we thought, "It cant be because of weather because it is so clear out." So we decided to be sneaky and take the farmer's backroads. It was a bumpy ride and we sure did beat up our car! We got through all the bumps and back on the road just a little bit a way from where the cop was stopping traffic. We begin driving thinking we were so smart when the road goes white and we cannot see much in front of us. We decided maybe they were smarter than us and turn around to head back home. As we were driving back, Ty began to panic, what if the cop stopped us and asked where we were coming from? I told him we could say green canyon or we can say, from farmer's roads, how much is the fine? Once we drove past the cops and held our breath and they did not stop us or anything. We had a good laugh!

That is a typical day! I hope you feel better about your self! :)

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Julie said...

Wow! You are being watched over! That is one way to not have a sticky syrup bottle :) I am glad you are having fun!