26 March, 2012

All sorts of new things!

This winter is coming to an end, which is pretty crazy since this winter was not very harsh at all. It was actually quite a lovely winter, I have no complaints! We have not had too much time with our schedules, but we have tried some new sports. Well I have tried some new sports, Ty has done them before.

First: Cross Country Skiing

It was a beautiful day out. We took Tanner to the Casariego's home and we went on a date to the Grand Tetons. It was hard for me to get a rythm down, but once I did, it was tons of fun! We wanted to go again, but time did not allow it.

Second: Snow Shoing

We went back a different weekend and took Tanner with us. I wish we would have brought our camera on our trip, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! We also had lunch with our awesome jet boil! Tanner was a champ! He fell asleep as we were out.

Third: Watching an Iditarod

It was a snowy day, but it was fun watching them prep their dogs and begin the race. We then went to breakfast with some friends of ours.

Fourth: Birding

There is a porcupine in the tree!!
Our friends the Larsons LOVE to bird watch. It was a beautiful day and it was fun learning how to go bird watching. Unfortunately there were not many birds out, but we are going to go again with them when there are more birds out!

Fifth: Winter Camping

Ty has spent many weekends out winter camping! Unfortunately we do not have any pictures. He has built shelters and has a had a blast camping with friends.

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