26 March, 2012

1/2 a year old

What the heck? How on earth is Tanner a little over 6 months old already? He is such a stud! He has been able to sit up on his own for about a month and a half now. He is more confident in his sitting ability. He will start kicking and he does this cute little thing with his feet like they are his hands! He can roll over, but will only roll over if he is on his tummy. He HATES being put on his tummy. He loves other little kids. They make him laugh. He also loves, loves, loves being outside! He is eating solids like a champ, but will never tell me when he is full, so I just watch him to know when he is slowing down and he is done. My favorite time of day is feeding him, HANDS DOWN. It is so cute how distracted he gets from everything around him and then still signals he wants more by opening his mouth. He is still a talking fool. He is sleeping through the night. He loves to skype with his grandparents and defnitely acknowledges them. He loves music and tries to sing. He loves books and likes flipping through the pages and then eating them. He still is a daddy's boy. He loves his daddy! I have nevere heard him laugh so hard but when he is with his daddy. He also loves his little jumparoo. Except for he doesnt bounce, he just walks around and thinks he is such a big boy! Here are some pictures of him being cute!

He is seriously the happiest baby I know. We are so spoiled with him. He gets fussy when he is tired or starving because I am having too much fun playing with him I forget he has not eaten in awhile. He loves going groccery shopping and hold everything we need to buy. The kid kills me!


Kyna said...

The last picture of him in the green in adorable! He must be so happy because he has such a happy mom!

Julie said...

Your outdoor activities look so fun. I LOVE these picturestoo! What a darling little man! We love you all! Skype is a Wonderful invention! Happy 1/2 year birthday Tanner!

Happy Home said...

your baby is so cute. wow~~I can't believe that he is so big now. I feel you just got married yesterday. Time flies.^O^