16 April, 2012

We like to Party!

In case you have not noticed, Ty and I love being out of our home. We love being with family and friends. These past few weeks we were able to do that. Let's begin with conference weekend.  A few days before conference, I received a text from Julie, asking if they could come see us for conference. We were so excited, because they have not seen Tanner in 3 months, so this was such a fun thing for him. We spent the whole weekend hanging out mostly at our home. We had the chance to watch conference, which was AMAZING. I love hearing from the brethren and to know how to better myself and our family. Here are some pictures:

Tanner had so much fun with them, he decided to wake up every hour at night for 5 days after they left, just in case they were there at 3 am, he did not want to miss them! :) The week they left was our finals week. So then we headed out to Sundance, Wy heading to Utah first.

Well that was the plan at least, to do a week long road trip to Sundance, WY. Sundance is where Ty went to high school, so I was so excited we were finally going to go see it. Since Tanner was not sleeping well, we wanted to take the trip a day at a time, because if he was not going to sleep with his little cold he had, he would just get worse, which we did not want.

This is us waiting for Ty to get home so we could leave. Tanner loves his little Jumper, he thinks he is such a big boy in it! Which he is! We left Saturday and made our first stop at a place called Nacho's Libre. They have about 15 different Moles, so we had to stop there. The food was delicious. The decor was even better, here are some pictures.

We then went to visit Xochitl at the infamous LUSH, her new job. We got a tour of all the awesome products and bought a bath bomb, which was heavenly. I also got a few samples, personally I love their BIG shampoo!


Then we went and saw the cousins, Satoria and Oliver. Satoria fed him his vegtables and Tanner LOVED LOVED LOVED her! It was soo cute. He could not stop giggling! I cannot wait for him to understand how they are cousins. Ty then took Tan and I to Merian's and he took his sister, Kyna on a date. They ate at J Dawgs and walked the BYU campus. We then went to church with Kyna the next day and had Easter dinner with her and her roommates. She made us the cutest easter basket, I wish I would have taken a picture!

We then decided our trip was over because Tanner was still very fussy. As soon as we got home, I got a very bad case of Mastatis. So not fun, but so glad we got home so I could rest up and grateful Ty did not have to go to work so I could not play mommy for one day and just rest. Here is what Tanner did while he stayed home:

Once I was feeling better, we decided to go for a hike around R mountain. It was so much fun and the perfect day for it. We also went camping two nights in a row. Tanner was a champ, but next time I will remember to bring gloves for his little hands. They froze, I was so sad for him!
Yes, I am someone who wears Chaccos now..who would have guessed? Not me.

 My sweet son loves the ladies. I am very worried for his dating life, I think he believes it has already begun! I cannot take him anywhere with out him checking them out!

Then Saturday night Ty made us some BOMB sushi!!! Tuna, mango, cream cheese, avocado and cucumber!! Delicious!! Tanner made the motorboat sound for literally an hour nonstop while we tried to eat... silly boy!

 Here is the motorboat!
 So I did it back!
Look at those abs of steel! haha

Cursed school starts tomorrow, we have had such a fun time just being a family! Now back to reality!


Peter said...

Dang it all! That sounds like so much fun. I am happy for you kids (but sad that Tannenbaum never skypes me any more . . . . . )

kandace said...

Tanner is so cute! ... well ... for what he was given from his parents... Jk! I thought for sure he would have dark hair.

Julie said...

I loved our visit! I treasured our time with you all! I love Tanner hanging out on the couch! How cute! Camping and Sushi?! What fun!