20 February, 2012

Turning 25 and 5 months alive

Some how time keeps escaping me! Tanner is officially 5 months old and Ty is 25. Let us start with Ty turning 25. It was about a 2 week fiasco! :) No, but we started wanting to go to Utah to celebrate his birthday by getting some mole, guatemalan, and african food. We could also just relax and enjoy family and most likely look at some outdoor equipment. Then we found it was the same weekend Ty's cousin's baby was getting blessed, Jacob Swift, so we wanted to go down even more because we wanted to go to the blessing! So this is how the weekend went:
      retail store             
African food in SLC with the Owens
Wii Dance game with Kyna

REI Garage sale/ Target/ IKEA
Date with Ty: mall and Hot pot (Kyna so graciously babysat Tanner for us.)

Jacob's blessing
Dinner with the Owens
Drive home

It looks like we did ALOT of shopping, we seem to do that when we go to Utah since there is not much stuff to get here in idaho! On the day before his birthday, we did his favorite breakfast: biscuits and gravy and then had a lovely dinner together (and Tanner, of course!) He did get awesome presents from parents and I got him 3 Foraging books we cannot wait to use. He also has been saving up his points at work and got us a Canon Rebel t3i! We love it!

Now to Tanner being 5 months: He is such a big boy! He refuses to roll on to his tummy, he hates it there! If i begin to roll him, he pushes the opposite direction just to make sure he does not end up on his tummy. He is a talking machine and has recently learned he can squeal at high pitches and so he does it frequently as he speaks! He can sit up all by himself, which is nice for me. I just put a toy in front of him and he sits there and plays with it. He hates sharing his toys with other kids. He likes to feel like a big kid when he is sitting up and other babies are laying on the ground, he kind of gives them this grin like he is saying "ha! i am so much bigger than you!" He loves playing with the running water in the bath tub. He still loves loves loves his feet! He is in size 9 month clothing, because he is still in the 99%.  We trimmed some of his hair, because it is o much longer than the rest and we couldnt do cool hair styles with it that long!!! My baby is all grown up and he isn't even half a year old yet! Here are some pictures:
Our little sumo wrestler!

 See the long hair in the back that needed to be trimmed? yup now its gone!
This is him with even hair!

For some reason the videos never like to work for me! I will try and post some later! Is he not the cutest?!?! He kills me!!


Carrie said...

Look at that red hair!!! Can you please come back to vegas so I can play with him?! I don't want him being a toddler before I get to see him again! Miss you guys!

Julie said...

Great Milestones!! I love Tanners new "DO" So cute!!