20 January, 2012

Tanner's first christmas

Christmas was lovely this year, although a bit strange since it was my first christmas away from my family! Last year we celebrated Christmas in Vegas so this year was Christmas in Washington with Ty's family. Ty gave me a whole bunch of lip about how weird it was celebrating christmas without snow and how it just didnt really feel like christmas with out the snow. So I was excited to go to washington and have my first white christmas. (I obviously am very used to no snow during the holidays). Turns out this winter is dry and warmer everywhere, not just Idaho (still not very much snow on the ground!) I once again have yet to experience a white christmas, I can officially say that I saw in Rain in washington, everytime I have been, it never rained, but it sure did this time! It was beautiful!

We started our trip on Tuesday, where we drove down to Utah and stayed with Ty's Uncle Craig and Aunt Liz. Then we did a little shopping and later got on the plane. Tanner is a champ and slept the whole flight! We were met at the airport by Ty's whole family! Then I passed out in the car on the drive back to their home. We then all feel asleep. We arose the next morning to a delcious breakfast and then for a girls day spent at the theater watching the Nut Cracker. It was a different take on the nutcraker since the set was designed by the man who did "Where the Wild Things Are." It was a very neat expereience and Tanner was not TOO noisey!
We then came home to a meal prepared by our men! Which was very nice! Then Christmas Eve morning, we did a 5K. I am very impressed with my mother-in-law, Julie. She broke both of her ankles a few years back and ran pretty much the whole 5K. Tan stayed back with Grandpa Taylor and Ty ran the 5k in about 24 minutes! What a stud! It was nice to start the christmas chow down with a nice workout! It made me laugh though because the snacks that the people (who held the marathon) had for the runners was chips, cookies, doughnuts and then some grapes, carrots and chili. But really chips, cookies and doughnuts? OH MY! :) Kyna made some awesome shirts that said "running mutant ninja Taylors."

Ty and I passed out Christmas eve night (not on purpose, Tan had decided to not sleep well at night since he loved playing during the day with everyone and his routine was off.) So we were awaken by the brothers and had a lovely christmas morning. We even got to talk with Cody, who couldn't make it out to celebrate with us! Here are some pictures:

We had a lovely time at church and a wonderful prime rib dinner. It was just nice being with family. They also got me tamales to feel more at home, they were delicious. We also went out on a date to the place Ty used to work and Tan got much love from all of his uncles, aunt and grandparents!!


Carrie said...

Looks like fun! We missed you guys down here though! Ps: Tanner is looking SO much like you!!

Julie said...

Yeah! I am soooo glad we were together for Christmas! Full of memories and love! Thanks for making the effort ! We love you guys!