09 December, 2011

Thanksgiving High and Turning 25

Well this post is a little behind the times, but I recently hit a milestone in my life..I turned 25! I am sorry what? I still feel like I am 18, perhaps because I act that age? I had a wonderful birthday weekend. We had yummy mexican and chinese food. On my actual birthday, Ty had this amazing dish planned out: saffron shrimp and crab, but I conviced him to do something that was still in our fridge, to clean it out before heading out to vegas. So, we did completos (Chilian Hot dogs) on hamburger buns! :) I loved it! Then I got a nice massage and a nice relaxing surprise from my two boys! Ty got me a running shirt and the cutest little hoodie for Tanner. It has been my best birthday yet!

I have had time to think about my life as I hit this milestone. I have been one blessed lady! I taught dance in China at age 17; served a church mission in Taiwan where I learned to speak chinese and met amazing friends;  married my best friend; had the cutest son; changed my major from interior design to physics; did an intership for interior design in New York; made many great friends; laughed a lot; realized how amazing my family is; seen a lot of the united states; been to italy with my father;learned to make sushi; been doing more and more outdoor things and so much more!!

Thanksgiving was perfect as well! It was well needed to see the family. School can get difficult when you are taking care of a little one. So it was nice to pass him off and take a nap or run errands! We had a marshmellow fight at the small canyon, an amazing feast prepared by Xochitl and Stephanie. We opened gifts that we got each other. Had some great laughs. I got my hair colored and cut, thanks to Stephanie! We did a little shopping, cousin pictures and family Pictures (thanks to Canico Studios) Here are some of the pictures:

Tanner travelled like a champ! I am so glad because we love roadtrips and it would stink if he was a poor sport. He also got some much needed time with his aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. His cousin Satoria, who is 4 years old, was by his side the whole trip. She even tried to feed him for me! He would pet his head softly and try to make him laugh. She also mimicked his noises and played under the play mat with him. She would bounce him on the bed and tried to help him stop crying when he was grumpy. She even held him and picked him up all on her own! We loved visiting Las Vegas and now cannot wait to spend Christmas with the Taylor's.


Carrie said...

I LOVE your pictures!!!!! Such a cute family. I'm so glad I got to see you while you were here!

Shalyce said...

your hair is amazing!!!!

Kyna said...

I love these pictures! And I love that you had an awesome birthday!