15 November, 2011

Tanner Turns 2 Months!

Yeah time is flying by! In two days Tanner will be two months old! He is a whopping 13 pounds and about 26 inches. Yeah, he is a big boy! This month he has discoverd his tongue. He has decided to wants to put everything in his mouth but realizes his mouth is too small so he just licks everything instead. He is also sticking out his tounge. He loves licking his hand and hitting himself in the face. He has been slowly learning about his hands. He licks them and rubs his eyes when he gets sleepy. He also likes to wave them in the air a lot. He has also learned to grab objects and likes to hold on to them for dear life. Hopefully he will soon discover that his hands are not meant for hitting.... We discovered he has acid reflux. We got him on baby zantac and has been great ever since his week of not letting us put him down. He is still intolerant to dairy products, and I have had some lately which means late nights for me. We are actually going to try taking him to a chiropractor this thursday we have heard it does wonders for both gas and acid reflux. (I would prefer to not have him on medication.) He is in his crib and does great at it! He is a daddy's boy. No matter his mood if he hears his daddy's voice he will smile. It as though he is trying to say, "I promise I have been good all day dad!" He had his first laughing attack on Sunday, 13 November 2011. He curled his top lip under his gums and laughed for a good 2 minutes. He normally just giggles, but he did a full of laugh. We do not know what we need to do to get him to do it again, but we are trying everything! Here are some pictures of Tanner (He is so cute!!!):

 In his crib!!!

 The back of his head is Ridiculous! He has a mullet! and a random patch of long hair! Such an old man!

 He was a bank robber for Ty's bank at work.
 Wearing my hat!

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Julie said...

What a adorable little man! I can't believe he is smiling so much already! I love him sitting in the corner of the couch :) I am sorry he has had an upset stomach. I agree Chiropractors can work wonders.
We love you!