18 October, 2011

Tanner is One month!

I am sorry what? Yesterday my son turned one month old! Time has flown. When I was pregnant with him it felt like eternity and now that he is out, time has gone so quickly! He has already gone through a small cold, been held by everyone of his aunts/uncles minus Uncle Cody and Aunt Maddi. He has been loved by both sets of grandparents! He has had one giant poop blowout! He stopped wearing newborns at week 2 1/2. 3 month is still slightly large on him. He is finally getting plump legs and arms! The doctor said that after the first 16 days most newborns only gain ABOUT a pound, he gained over 2! ha  He is a healthy boy! He has already begun smiling and cooing! It makes every waking up early worth it! Being a mommy is the best. I love atching Ty and Tanner take naps. He loves going for jogs with us, he just stares out the peek-aboo hole! Also he is the most stubborn little boy, I have no idea whenere he gets it! :) He thinks he can feed himself. He also likes to try and put the Binky in his mouth himself, except for he cannot, so he will fight me on it. He loves grabbing his binky out of his mouth and holding on to it. He also likes to knowck things out of my hands. We just love him, even if he is trying to be independent. Here are some recent photos:


Shalyce said...

oh my goooooodness! all these babies lately...its amazing! you guys are so lucky! xo

Lindsey said...

What a the pics! :) Can't wait to meet this little stud!