24 September, 2011

Happy First week

We survived the first week together! Let me just say I am obsessed mommy, going back to school is not going to be fun! He is so cute!!!! He scored a 15 on his billireuben so he had to do photoelectric therapy for his jaundice. I am not going to lie the jaundice was nice, he would sleep or 6-7 hours at a time, but the scary thing was he was also eating every 6-7 hours. Now is he is a regular 2-3 hour newborn. He loves to eat, which is a relief because then we know he is ours. When he is awake he is just so happy. We cannot wait until he can actally smile, I am sure he will do it a lot He hates baths and getting his diaper changed. If you could not smell his dirty diaper you would have no idea he did anything, but you change that diaper of his and all heck breaks loose! :) I love waking up in the mornings with him. He does cute little gas smiles. He will also hold my finger and then put it against his face.  He has peed on daddy three times now and only once on me... Ty is clearly the favorite. Here is a few pictures. For some reason once he knew the camera was on he decided to go cross eyed, the kid kills me! I love him!!!

SO CUTE!!!!!!


Logan & Melissa said...

Kelli! He is soooooo adorable!

Megan said...

He IS so cute!!!! Congratulations you guys! Oh my goodness what a sweet little guy! Yeah i'm with you. School sucks compared to being at home with a sweet little baby!

Julie said...

What an adorable little man!! Happy times! We love you guys!