20 September, 2011

Tanner Abram Taylor

He has finally arrived! Tanner Abram Taylor was "supposed" to be born on September 8, 2011. Well I started school, taing 12 credits, September 12, 2011.  We were hoping he would come early so I would have time to be well rested and then begin school. September 8 came and then it went. It was definitely a test of my faith and patience. I can now say I am so glad he did not come then. I have been able to get ahead in my school work and feel more confident that I can do this semester with my sweet little son.

September 9 we went and got him checked out to make sure that everything was okay, he was 100 percent healthy. With this knowledge we chose not to induce. I want to cheat and look at his sweet little face in 3-d, but Ty wouldnt let me. Which is good, because it made his coming that much more fun! I was also having regular contractions, but do not mind that my son has given us many false contractions. We then had one more meeting with the midwives before he decided to make his debut! The meeting was the same, he is healthy, but if he did not come by the 21, we would be forced to induce due to medical reasons. I really did not want to induce because I want him to come when he was ready, I figured it would make the process a lot easier.

September 17, 2011 3 am I am awoken to contractions. They were not very intense but they were very frequent. I thought to myself, great this child is going to put me in to false labor AGAIN! So I fell back asleep and just told me self the contractions were gas (I had done that all week so I did not get any hopes up about his coming, becuase it was always hard to wake up and realize I was still and prego and my son was still not here. Dont mind the fact that 4 other women in my ward all had their babies on time or early and mine was just taking his sweet time!) Anyways, at 6:30 am the contractions were more intense but still really frequent, but I began to have bloody show and a little bit of "water" was lost. We decided to go to Walmart to get some sanitary supplies incase my child decided he was being a tease. At 9:30 while walking through wal mart, my water broke! We literally had just walked in to walmart and began to do a lap when I told Ty I need to rush to the bathroom because my water broke. After I came out of te restroom, Ty says to me, "why arent your pants all wet? Man Hollywood has it wrong!" We then went to midwives to make sure I did break my water and my child is coming. Again my contractions are very close together, maybe about 2 mins apart and lasting about 2 minutes, but were not the most intense. They said I had broken my water and that I was getting amazing contractions. I thought to myself, "YES! this is going to be a short labor, I already surpassed the 4-1-1 recommended sequence." Little did I know my child was going to take 12 and half more hours!

We went in to the hospital around 12:30-1:00 I was afraid I was going to be too brave and miss the point of needing to push so I would be running in with a crowning baby. When we went in my contractions literally were still lasting 2 minutes and were about 1-2 minutes apart. Again I am thinking "this is not going to be that hard, and it is going to be quick!" The intensity of the contractions was rapidly increasing. I sat in the jacuzzi until about 6 or 7 at night. Then the pain really began. Unforunately, maybe it is fortunate, I cannot remember he actual pain, all I can remember is the things I was saying like "I cannot do this, its too hard, it hurts to much." My amazing husband was right there by my side encouraging me and loving me, even when It got to the final 2 hours and I was histerically crying due to the pain and although I was saying please and thank you I had attitude. (Dont worry I appologized to the midwife and nurse and they said they have had much worse. I was dramatic, but it did hurt.) They had me try many positions to get the last part of the cervix out of the way so he could come. I pushed for an hour, when if I was smart and was not scared of pooping, it could have been much shorter. Then his head crowned and they told me to slow down, I told him no and pushed. Who ever says it does not hurt that last few minutes when he has crowned must have a small baby. :) At 10:02 pm, they then pulled him out and set him on my chest.  He was wide awake. He took a little while to start breathing, which had me a little nervous, but as soon as he began breathing my heart was full of joy and I honestly could not remember any of the pain I was just in. Although during labor I thought I was going to die it was so painful, I cannot describe the pain because I do not remember it.

We were told by 2 different midwives that there was no way he exceed 8 lbs. They were guessing 7 lbs 2-4 oz. My son sure did trick them. He was 8 lbs 10 oz. 20.5 inches long and had a 15 in head! He is the cutest thing I have ever seen. When he is asleep he looks more like me but when he is awake, he looks just like his daddy. He has a full head of brown hair. In the sun there is an obvious red tint to his hair. We are excited to watch him change and see how he ends up looking like.He has very long fingers and toes, like his daddy. He also is a lean little man, he does not have the cute pudgy legs, he has little muscular legs, which again he gets from his daddy! He is sleeping like a champ. He sleeps maybe every 6 hours. Then he will eat and say awake for a while then back to sleep. Abuelita Angulo is in town and has made our lives so much easier by cooking us amazing meals and taking Tanner when he sleeps so we can take naps too. He is also more awake in the morning so it is nice grandma gets to hold him when he is bright eyes and we do not have to worry about him crying and can sleep! We have been so blessed by everyones prayers and help! Thank you and we look forward to those who ar coming to his blessing on October 9, 2011!

 Here are a few pictures of his homecoming!!

 Here is a video!


Kyna said...

I love the story! I can totally imagine you being so tough, Kelli! I never got why my friends always talked about their families requesting more videos of their kids... but I get it now! I loved that video... You are awesome parents I'm sure! Congratulations!

Julie said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful! So happy for you guys, and I can't believe you did it all natural. After about 10 hours I gave in and had the epidural. You are amazing! Babies do have that magical cry that seems to melt your heart and take away all the labor pain. Congrats again, and enjoy being a mommy :)

Mary-Anne said...

Congratulations! He really is an ADORABLE baby! I can't believe that is amazing, but it makes me terrified of going through labor! Agh! Congrats again to all of you.

Micaela Schell said...

Congratulations to the both of you! He looks so adorable!!!

Unknown said...

How cute! I'm so happy for you two. He's adorable!