23 August, 2011

Summer coming to a close

Last week Ty and I decided we wanted to go hiking. Let me tell you what an adventure that was!! We drove to grand Targhee at about 10:30. We then get there and are about to purchase a ski left ticket for the way down from the hike. We find out it is free if you hike up and ride the lift down! We were stoked this saves us 20 dollars! We then get directions to the hike we are wanting to go on. We were told to go to blackfoot  (one of the chair lifts) and then you will see the signs from there. So that is what we did, we did not see any signs but did see a cat trail. We decided that must be the trail we are take. By this time we have literally 20 flies swarming us and biting us. So we went on the cat trail and then it turned in to our own trail. We hiked a long the steep side of the mountain for a good 3 miles, until we found the actual trail, by this time we were annoyed! The trail that we were supposed to go on was a cake walk in comparision to what we just created in our won hike. I was annoyed because I am 37 weeks pregnant and I keep forgetting I cannot be as active as I was before due to the fact a baby is pushing against my every organ and causing me to not breathe as easy. We forgot our camera so the pictue is one I found online.

We also had a fun slip n slide day with neighbors. Ty made a great slip n slide for our ward BBQ. Which was also a blast. We played water kickball and you had to slide in to the home plate. I decided to play, let me just say that running at 37 weeks pregnant is a pretty funny looking thing when the ground is uneven, I think I am going to have relearn proper balance! Anyways Saturday we decided to take the slip n slide out and have whoever waned to use it use it... here are some videos and pictures from that day!

Here is me at 38 weeks... 2 weeks left!
I love these videos:


Shalyce said...

oooooh my gosh! you are so pregnant! CRAZY!

Julie said...

Sounds like a interesting hike! You are a great sport Kelli !! So much fun :0) You look as cute as ever! What a fun slip and slide!

Natalie said...

What is that giant bump on your belly? I think you should get that checked out! ;-)

Micaela Schell said...

I am so excited I just found your blog! I cannot believe you are going to be a mom! How exciting! I am so happy for you guys!