12 August, 2011

My soon to be life

We are one three weeks a way from pooping out our son! We are so excited! We have seen many amazing blessings that have prepared us for our little ones coming. The most recent is Ty getting a supervising job at Melaleuca. Let me explain why this job is so amazing!
First: I will not have to work. Which means I get to stay home with Tanner and also get a few of major courses out of the way (18 credits left and I am done with my degree, finally!)

Second: When Ty was just taking customer service calls, he was constantly being yelled at and took a beating mentally. Which would wear him out by the time he came home. This will not be fun for him with a screaming child as well to deal with. So with the supervising job he is off the phones for the most part, may have to take a few calls a day, but he gets to do what he loves which is motivate people! So when he comes home at night he will be much more happy and can enjoy being a father! (grant it we will both have days I am sure where we just need to breathe and remember we love being parents!)
Third, financially we will be better off than if we were to both be working part time.
Fourth, I get to play wife in a way I have never done before. I will be home A LOT. I have always been at school and work since we have been married. My days are usually from 7:45a-6:00p and now I will only leave my home when I have class. So I will get to wake up, feed Tanner, make breakfast, pack lunch, clean the home and have dinner ready when Ty returns home. I am mostly excited but also slightly nervous, I hope I do not get bored! In order to make sure I do not get bored, I plan on working out lots, practicing chinese, doing homework and creating a girls day for any mother who stay at home and want to have lunch with other mothers. We will see if that is enough to keep me entertained... oh wait... I am also going to have a newborn! :) I am sure I will end up starring at him for hours and lose track of time! I cannot wait!

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