31 July, 2011

4th of July

We had the lovely opportunity of going to Provo this fourth of July. My family came up from Las Vegas, well everyone but Stephanie who decided Hawaii was much more worth her time then spending it with us. Jokes I would have chosen Hawaii too, plus she was with her family there! Anyways, we went straight to Brick Oven, which is a family classic. They have yummy homemade pizzas, pastas and rootbeer. Then we went to Sundance and listened to a beautiful orchestra. The best part was watching little Oliver get his lyrical Dance on. I wish I had a video to show you his sweet moves! Satoria was just as bubbly as ever! She told me she was my mother and that I am not having a boy, I am having a girl because she wants another Satoria. We then went back to Tori and Sean's home until we feel asleep.

Day 2: Woke up early to take Prego pictures. I will post more of these once I get the CD from my brother, but here are a few of them. Pretty much Trevon, Canico Studios, is amazing! I cannot wait to see the rest of them. Ty and are not good at taking pictures ha and yet Trevon made us look good! We then all took turns on Tori and Sean's new scooter.

We then went to lunch at Tuscanos and Chris broke a glass due to the excitement he felt when our Father got sung happy birthday to.

We then went back up to Sundance and rode the ski lift up to a place where we could go hiking.

After that we went home, took naps and then went to the stadium of fire. We got to see Brad Pasley and David Archeletta. Neither people do I like but I love live music so it was enjoyable. The fireworks were absolutely amazing!!!

The next day, so we chilled with the Beckstead's while everyone else peaced out. On Monday we woke up, tred to play some racquetball, but the courts were closed since it was 4th of july. So we went rafting down the Provo Canyon. The originial plan was to go tubing, but the company we were going through saw me and thought it may be to hard since the river is so fast for me to keep up.So they gave us a raft. So glad we went with the raft it was 10x more fun then the tubes would have been, i do not know if I can ever tube again, because the raft was so fun. Here are some pictures:

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kandace said...

The picture of you on the moped reminds me of Toby on his beast--or whatever he calls it. You look hot. Just saying.