27 June, 2011

Union Lovin'

We just spent a wonderful weekend in Union, WA, visiting Ty's family! It was time well spent! We wished we could have spent more time there, but unfortunately school and work are a part of our lives, so it came to a end after 4 days. We went up because Kyrk was graduating from high school and will soon join us out here in a few months for the fall semester. We cannot wait for Kyrk to come out here, free babysitting! ;) No, but really we cannot wait we have so many plans for him, Ty and Tanner for boys night! So here is how the weekend went:

Thursday after class we drove to Boise and went to dinner with Ty's boss to discuss some work issues. We then sat in the airport and watched netflix. We then boarded the plane and saw some beautiful scenes from the airplane. We got to see both the top of Mt. St. Helen's and Mt. Rainier. It was breath taking the view we had from the plane! I wish I would have taken pictures it was so beautiful. We then were picked up by Kyna and Julie, drove to Ty's home and went to sleep.

Friday we woke up early and Ty went out with his Father to give a man a blessing. Julie, Kyna and I went in to town to get Kyrk's cake at Costco. We also stopped by a baby's store and I bought a cute brown polo for Tanner. We then joined the rest of the family for a beautiful hike about an hour or so from their home. Here are some pictures from that hike. I could have stayed there all day!
Here is my boyfriend being a silly!

 We then went home and took a nap. Once we had awaken, we went and played games with all of the extended family! I wish I had pictures of the games we played! It was so much fun! One person from your team had to guess what the team was acting out but they could not discuss how they wanted to act out the action that was given to them. It was a blast.

The next day was Kyrk's graduation, here are pictures:

After going to his graduation we have a lovely party to celebrate! We had yummy BBQ wings and all sorts of great chicken! We played, darn it I forgot the name of the game, but there are two balls attached to either end of a rope and you throw it across the yard on to ladder. I think it is ladder ball. Anyways the game is harder than it looks!

We were then to told to go up stairs to play more games, little did Ty and I know there was a surprise baby shower waiting for us! I was red for quite some time. We did not expect it at all!!! It was so sweet of Julie to plan such an amazing shower! Tanner is one spoiled little boy! Here are some pictures from the shower:

Kryk, Ty and I then went to try and find me a skirt for church, since Ty did not think we were going to make it so I did not bring any church clothes. We did not find me anything which is fine, it was a fun trip listening to Kyrk talk about how excited he is to come to college and remembering that time in our lives. Then  we went to church and learned a great deal about serving a mission as a couple and doing family history work. Like I said before it was so hard to leave we loved every minute spent there!!!!


Julie said...

I am sooo glad you guys got to come home for a while! It was GREAT to have you here!

Carrie said...

I love that you said, "Then unfortunately we went to church..." hahah. How fun you got a surprise shower! You look cute!