05 June, 2011

Celebrating one year!

Wow time sure does fly! Today Ty and I have been married for one year! What a great one year this has been. Not only have we done lots of fun things, learned and conquered trials together, but we have 7/10 of a baby made! We could not have asked for a better year! You know its a good year when your husband can say to you, "Sometimes when you smile, you have a double smile, kind of liek a double rainbow." I looked at him and said are you talking about my angulo double chin? He said "yes, it will sometimes connect with your dimples to create a double smile!" and all I could do was just laugh becasue it is true! To celebrate our one year we did 2 things,the first: a while back we went to jackson hole, because we were originally going to go to Guatemala for the one year but because little Tan decided to come, Guatemala may be the 2nd year anniversary!Then yesterday, we woke up and did service at our church by deep cleaning it! Then I met up with some girlfriends at the 25 cent sale at Mommy and Me's! Let me tell you how much i loved that sale! I bought 10 dollars worth of stuff. They were all in great condition! I cannot wait to dress this little fella! Ty went for a nice long run while I was shopping and then we took a nap. After the nap we loaded up our bikes and went to Idaho falls and did a 6 mile bike ride! It was lovely! We also ate at a delicious little place where they make tortillas. They have an amazing burrito! We then went walking the mall trying to find coats for Tanner. We also went to a running store and outside of the store was a block party and we got to pet a camel! It was the perfect day! It was great also that the weather was perfect, this never happens in Idaho! Here are some pictures:

Oh and here is me at 27 weeks:

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