29 May, 2011

The new Baby Changer

Ty and I have been frantically looking for a great baby changer. We found so many we loved that were part dresser and part open shelves. Unfortunately the only ones we loved were always attached to a crib, there was no way to buy them seperately. The other ones we loved were 200 dollars, which we were not going to pay. We have searched for months. Last sunday a brother in our ward asked if anyone wanted a changer. Ty quickly shot up his hand and said he did. Here are some pictures from the beginning of receiving the changer to where it sits in Tanner's little room!

So let me explain. It took Ty two days to transform this changer from the Larson's changer to the Taylor's changer. It would have been done in one day but unfortunately the day he decided to spray paint it it was super windy and casued the dresser to fall forward and wreck. So he spent another day fixing it up! Doesnt it look great? He took two inches off the bottom, because it was too tall for me to reach. He also changed out the trim, sande everything down, fixed part of the drawers! He is just amazing!

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