18 October, 2010

School has come!

The fall time in Rexburg is short but beautiful! Ty and I have now been in school for about 5 weeks, midterms are right around the corner. We are loving our classes as they push us to connect all the things we have previously learned. Ty is an inspiration to me as he has a huge desire to learn all things. I cannot help but smile as I watch him teach someone chinese, because he wants to share with someone the things he has learned. Our days seem long and time to see each other is scarse, but we cannot complain because we have wonderful jobs and a beautiful home to come home to everynight. Our classes we are taking are:
International Business
Advanced Accounting
Law and Economics
World Foundations, part 2 (it is where you learn all about the world and its art)

History and Philosophy of Science
Principles of Physics and its lab
Educational Psychology
Special Education (yes I know this class was designed to teach teachers how to handle me)

Although our schedule is busy we have found time to enjoy Saturdays and Sundays together. (half of saturday is usually occupied by tests or homework.)Here is some pictures and stories of our recent adventures:

Toothpaste in my deodorant! haha

Surprise Tandem bike ride!

We have had many great laughs and dinners with friends. We have thought of many places we want to travel to! We have seen great movies. We bought a car!!! (Which we are obsessed with and love!) In our car we checked out the stars from our back seat and trunk! Life cannot be any better!

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