14 November, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Las vegas, Temperature: 80-90 degrees.
Regburg: below 30

Which should I choose?

We have just returned from a weekend in Las Vegas. It was glorious and well needed. School has us so swamped and stress it was nice to go home and hang out with the Family! We arrived in Las vegas on thursday. Stayed up pretty late playing nertz with the family. I am sad to say Kelsey Krause was the winner, but if we were going by points Tori beat me by 4 points... it was a depressing night! ha Jokes it was a blast! We got to meet Tori's new boyfriend Shawn. He fits prefectly in with the family and we are excited to see where this takes them!

Xochitl and the kids were in town and hands down we have the cutest niece and nephew. We played with them all weekend! I hope our kids are half as cute as those two. We went shopping and to a buffet! We went out for my girl, Lexi's borthday! You know it is funny how things seem to change. Oliver is walking now, Satoria has complete sentences (unless she gets super happy, then you cannot understand her ha,) Tori has a boyfriend, maddi reloves the school she is going to, chris has a new car, Trevon is filming all sorts of different gigs, friends, and how when I used to live at home I always wanted to go out with friends and now I do not even want to go out with them I just want to play with the family. Life is full of change, it is the one thing we can expect! I love change! I just never knwo what to expect when things change. I also dont love when Rexburg changes to winter! ha

We are so excited to spend time with Ty's family for thanksgiving! We wish we could see them more often!

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