08 September, 2010

Sheer Summer JOY!

This summer has been filled with nothing but sheer awesomeness! We did many fun dates, trips, and activities. The follow will just be a small glimpse of the joy we had together as a married couple enjoying the summer days.

We went to Reed's dairy a few times. We enjoy that place! My mother loves the cheese sandwhiches and so one time we even bought all of the things from that are needed to make the sandwhich just as they did and gave it to her, since she did not get a chance to have one last time she was here.

We also did fun dates around town, we would eat cherries and snow cones and just walk or long board around this lovely town of Rexburg, Idaho. Here is a photo shoot from one of those walking around dates:

We also went to the Zoo in Idaho Falls, it actually was not a bad zoo at all!!
I am the asian adventure!

This summer our home became complete as we went out and bought lots of stuff! It was a blast designing our home together. We love coming home and cannot be more blessed!

We also went on a road trip to Washington to have our open house! It was a beautiful 14 hour drive. We took our time and also picked up a hitchiker named Benny, who was a little on the bratty side! On this trip we saw beautiful sunsets, we stayed at Drew's parents house in Oregon, we stayed at a beautiful hotel, (courtesy of the Taylors and the hotel its self.) We went in their sauna, hot tub, pool, enjoyed great food, had a camp fire and drank hot chocolate, went snorkling (well Ty and his brother's did, it was far too freezing for me.) Then we enjoyed the company of his family! I got to meet some more of them and they are all great! My favorite was talking with Nola about her books!

We spent the fourth of july with our old ward. Yes, we hung out with a singles ward on fourth of july! It was fun :)

We enjoyed BBQ and other eat outs/ins with great friends, ones we have known for a long time and others we have just met since we have been married! Here are a few pictures from the BBQ at Rigby lake:

We went to a demolition derby. Before we went to it, we went to Savers and got tacky things to look like hicks. Then we talked like hicks all day!

Yes I wore mom capris! My mother thought I stuffed my butt when i showed here these pictures!

We have had a massive fire near our home, a whole day at a fun Melaleuca party, and drove to Boise to see Janae and Tyler's open house! She looked beautiful! The Melaleuca party was a blast, we hung out with some of Ty's work buddies, went on a helicopter ride and ate roasted pig! We also played games and got wet! It was a day well needed.

Another great adventure was Christopher Maitland Angulo FINALLY graduated from BYU Provo. So we went down and met up with the family to see his graduation and then to have a family camp out at Lagoon for two days! It was so much fun just being with family and taking life slow! We played with Satoria and Oliver! We ate lots of great food! We went on a ton of roller coasters! Ty, Chris, Byron and I all did the ride where they pull you up super high and then you free fall for about 5 seconds and then swing! It was so much fun! Chris and Byron went before Ty and I and scared the crap out of me, but in the end it is something I would for sure do again. We had so much fun trying to figure out who was the "chosen one" on the rafting ride. Tori and I tied, or maybe she won by one! We were really dumb one night and decided to do the rafting ride right before bed, Tori, Xochitl and I were FREEZING! :) Ty was also in a parrot show, where he had to booty dance and hold a hulahoop for the bird to go through.We had so much fun we did not even have time to ride all the rides in the two days we were there! So i guess we will have to go back again.

We have had Kyrk, Cody and Tori up here visiting us at seperate times. We have been to fairs, movies (both indoor and outdoor.) We have drawn closer to our new ward and have gone long boarding with the Kosinsckis, have eaten and played with the Keels and their new bown Troy. We also have played games with many of our neighbors. Ty took me on a tandum bike ride and has suprised me with other great dates! We have had a blast this summer! We are excited to see what this semester will bring us! Wish us luck!

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abbyB said...

Kelli! I am finally looking at your blog. Yay! I'm so glad that I found it. We have one too. Check it out. We need to have a phone date soon. I miss talking to you! Love you! -Abby