26 August, 2010

A Kosher Evening

      Yesterday, after Ty got off work, we decided to hit up the sand bar, to swim for our work out. It was a beautiful day out and the water felt great. We had some good laughs and then began heading home. I married a man who loves to serve, when his father was young he left his home and people picked him up when he was hitch-hiking. So, my dearly beloved husband feels that he must pick up people who are hitch-hiking, in essence to repay those who picked up his father, and hopes there are parents who are grateful their kids are in good hands. I, at first, and still at times, get a little freaked out when he picks up hitch-hikers. I know that he uses the Spirit as well as his best judgement to decide who should be picked up and who should not. I love my dear Ty and know he would never put my life in danger. Everytime we pick someone up, we have had a great expereience of being able to share the Gospel, and we know what we have just done was good.

      So, yesterday upon getting on to the highway to head back into town, there were 2 men looking for a ride. Rexburg is only 15-20 minutes from the sandbar, so it was not too much help, or so we thought. These two men are from Israel, and are in the Israel army. They decided they wanted to travel the United States, so for the past month they have been in America sight seeing. (They still have a month left.) As we drove to Rexburg, we offered to make them dinner. They then, naturally explained to us they can only eat Kosher food. They began explaining the rules. It was about an hour until sunset, and Ty thought it would be hard for them to find a ride, so offered our home for the night. They said yes only if they could make us dinner. We could not say no to a Kosher dinner, it was an opportunity to learn more about the Jewish culture. This is what we learned from them:

Kosher food has three symbols in which you can recognize it is Kosher.

           (If you check your pantry or items in the fridge, you will probably find that most of your food is Kosher) The hardest things to find Kosher are meats and breads. They are able to eat any fruit, vegtable and eggs. They cannot eat dairy and meat together. You will know if it is Dairy because it will have a D next to one of the Kosher signs. They must prepare their food with Kosher dishes, cooking tools, pots and pans etc... You know it is Kosher, because it has never cooked our touched an item of food that is not Kosher. So, they could not use any of our stuff. (Thanks to my paps and Ty's aunt and uncle, we had lots of plastic, in which they could use.)

They love Humus, the humus must be Kosher, and it can be any flavor. Last night we had a roasted Red pepper Humus. They jokes that the Jewish people love Humus so much they do everything with it, fix their walls, brush their teeth, etc... ha They were funny men.

They will wear their yamakas anytime they eat or pray.

They will not go into a Christian church, because we believe in 3 gods and they only believe in one.  (Although they though the Rexburg Temple was absolutely beautiful, and had a lot of questions for us "mormons")

A typical jew will get married young, starting around age 18.

Here are the men who we met:
Netzer                                                Yitzhak

This was the food we ate:

Kosher crackers, hot dogs, potato fries, humus with fried onions (oh yeah the oil must be kosher as well), plus a nice green salad with tomatos and onion. It was delicious. I love humus now!

Ty said eating with them was what he imagines eating with Christ will be. They were very humble people, eager to learn more about us, then talk about themselves. They both come from larger families, and devout in their faith. They taught us how to say "Hello,whats up bro?": "Shalom,mah ni shum ehet" and "I am great" or "Its all good": "sebaba" I loved when they spoke to each other in Hebrew (their english was not all that great, but they were able to communicate, which was impressive in its self) and sometimes one would say "mah?" which means "what?" and i would get excited because i understood! Yay!!!

Here is what they left behind to say thanks:

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Julie said...

How Cool you two! What a kind thing to do and what a great learning experience! I know how you feel Kelli, Steve still often picks people up and I cringe a little and know he is relying on the Spirits help. Like father like son! That is great!