25 August, 2010

Dinner with the Keels

               On Monday for FHE, we made some delicious food with Larry and Kim Keel. Larry works in a local chinese restraunt here in Rexburg, Idaho and has a passion for cooking. Ty always wants to learn new ways to cook. We began this friendship with the Keels about 2 months ago, when there was a huge fire 20 minutes away from our home. We decided to all drive out there and see it, on the way back they closed the highways, so our hour excursion, turned into 3 hours. We had a blast as we got to know Larry and Kim.
              So Monday at 6 pm the dinner begins. We start with a fruity whip cream that we dipped strawberries in. Then we cooked plantains, the way Ty has made them and the way Kim makes them. Then we had a delicious bacon-vinegarette salad, with small baugettes covered in parmesan cheese. Then for the main course, we had orange pork, fried rice and cooked lettuce in oyster sauce. For dessert we had tempura bananas covered in orange sauce, with a ginger and cinnamon tea. The whole meal took us 6 hours to make, they left around midnight. It was very delicious, and Ty loved learning new ways to cut, cook, slice, etc... He even learned how to pith an orange!
             We were scared at first that our ward would not be very friendly, since everyone seemed to just chat with themselves, but we are loving our ward more and more. Today the Keels went in to have a C-section for their first child! Congrats Kim and Larry! Welcome Home Troy!

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