05 February, 2013


That is right, I said it, we GRADUATED!!!!! I got asked to speak at the physical science commencement, but said no. Thanks heavens I did, graduation went on forever, we did not even make it to our colleges. There was a horrible snow storm in Utah, so only my parents were able to make it up. (Which Tanner loved.)  We had a lovely dinner before the ceremony. We were 1 of 60 couples who were graudating together. It would have cool to see how many of those couples are both getting their bachelors degree. We stood in Ty's college together. I think my favorite thing about graduation was coming out and walking past all the teachers who taught us. It was nice to say one final goodbye and thank you. We had to wait awhile for our entrance in to the commencement, so Ty has a friend who is quite odd and I decided to lay on the ground with him and we talked about nothing important, just that we are excited to be done.  After the commencement, we went for ice cream, Tanner also loved that! Here are some pictures:

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