04 February, 2013

Fall Semester At A Glance

Fall semester, our final semester!!!! After a month of waiting after all of the problems, I got placed at Rigby JH, teaching 9th grade physical science and at Madison High, teaching physics. It was so much fun, but took a lot of time away from Tanner. Ty did his advertising cluster and loved it! He got to spend a lot of time at home, which was great for Tanner and he had an amazing babysitter, our good friend Heather. Shortly after Ty's return from Yellowstone and Tanner's birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Taylor came for a visit. Some of their dearest friends were getting sealed in the temple to each other and their children. They went to the sealing and then had a little birthday party for Tanner. Here are some pictures:

So funny thing, the sister in green is Christina's,my best friends cousin and we had classes together at BYU-Idaho.           

Ty had to take pictures for a project, so here are a few of them, unedited:

We forgot to put shoes and socks on him, so he got my gloves!

Tanner discovered the fun of toilette paper:

We voted!!! This was my first time, since the last election was held when I was serving my mission in Taiwan! It sure was exciting!!!

Ty got interested in crossfit, thanks to Steven Peacock, they did it often together. So they participated in their first tournament at school together. (Tanner wanted to join too.)              

I made my first loaf of bread, thanks to Jill Peacock (who has taught me many more things!)

While Ty was on the yellowstone trip I decided to be crafty and put together 4 hand puppets, which Tanner LOVED!!! and has since destroyed.

We visited Spokane and had our hearts moving there. We loved it there!!!! LOVED IT!! We took the long way on the way there. It was such a beautiful trip! 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at the Taylors, where Kyna and I also celebrated our birthdays and we were able to run the last 4 miles with Kyna on her full marathon! I thought I made a post of this already, if I have not, I will.


Julie said...

How fun! Rexburg was a great place for you! Tanner looks so much bigger already!

Julie said...

How fun! Rexburg was a great place for you! Tanner looks so much bigger now!