08 February, 2013

Christmas with Angulos 2012

Ty got a job at Green Polka Dot box, which will be discussed in a later post, but he started the Monday following graduation. Which means Tanner and I had the opportunity to go stay with my parents for an extra week. It was nice and relaxing. I put together my the playroom for the kids, which they loved. Heck, I loved it! We had the opportunity to try and see the flower room at the Belagio, however by the time we made it to the hotel, there was no parking, so we didn't get to see it. We also got amazing massages, ate great food, got the flu, and got to see SANTA! That was probably the best part, to relive the childhood of having santa come visit, everyone but Tanner loved it. Tanner has cried everytime he has sat on Santa's lap. It was so cute watching Tanner play with his cousins, he didn't care much for Briggs and Harrison, I think it is because he thinks he is so much bigger! :) I however loved seeing them! They are so cute!! It was so much fun playing is an addicting game if you have never played...addicting.... The best part of the trip was just being with family, it is like a nonstop party!!

                                         He got a cookie, so he was over crying about Santa

 Our little Christmas tree, thanks Days! Tanner loves to pull off everything, so we decorated it with dollar store stuff.

                                       Already a little backpacker and using the camel back!

Christmas Morning:

Tanner loved opening presents, however, he liked to try and open everyone else's...not his own!

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Tori Beckstead said...

I love the pictures!! Tanner is so cute! He needs to come play with his cousins again!!