25 May, 2012

Angulo Girl's Weekend!

My mother planned an amazing girl weekend, where Xochitl and I drove down to meet everyone else in Vegas. It was the most well needed weekend of my life. My father took Tanner and I did not have to worry once if he was going to be annoying or anything, I knew my father would take great care of him. Because of this weekend, I have also begun taking thursday nights to go work out and attend a chinese class so that I can have "me" time. It is so crucial mothers take this time, or we will get burnt out. So let us begin the weekend adventures by leaving on a thursday night and meeting Lynzie in Provo to enjoy a delicious dinner at Zupas. She looks bomb and I wish I would have taken a picture! The next morning Xochitl met me in Provo and we were off like a dirty shirt! We stopped in St. George to get some gas. As I was changing Tanner's poopy bum and Xochitl had just come back from getting snacks, we feel someone hit our car, it was a large RV. He backs up, thinking my car was a curb and tries to drive forward again. He puts it in reverse and I run to knock on his window and let him know that was my car. He gets out and begins apologizing and he just felt so bad. Everyone was okay, our front bumper was ripped off. He was so kind as to buy duck tape and duck taped my front end so we could make it to Vegas safely (which we did.) Here is a picture of Tanner and my paps fixing the car (it was a lot worse, I just do not have the pictures.) so we could drive back to Idaho:

After we arrived in Las Vegas, Stephanie met us at my mother's work and we surprised her to say Happy birthday. I should have taken a picture of Xochitl and Stephanie hanging out under the desk and Tanner sitting on her chair. It was a silly sight! We then went to our home, where Crusty and Care came to hang out. It was so sad to not see them much, but I was down there for the girl's weekend with my family! We then went to Joey's wedding reception! So much fun! Here are some pictures of that!

Then the girl's went to lush, as I put Tanner down to bed and also passed out. Then Saturday began. We started it off with a delicious breakfast at Panera Bread. Then we had an awesome couponing class, which made couponing seem so easy. We have just begun so our collection is not big, but I am so excited to get bigger on couponing! After the coupon class, we went and got our nails did (fingers and toes), here are some pictures:


Then we went to celebrate Harrison Beckstead's "soon to arrive into the world" party at Tori's baby shower:
 Hot Dog Bar

 Games we played, Xo and I won, say what?
After that we went and got massages. WOW! That is pretty much all I can say about that. It was the first time I did not speak chinese to the people (until we were leaving, I just cannot not speak chinese, I love it!! Plus I love their reactions every time they hear a white person speak decent chinese.) I went off in to a day dream and loved every minute of it!!!

Then we got dressed up and got treated like QUEENS at the Paris Hotel restaurant in the eiffel Tower. Here are pictures of all of courses!

 Pallet Cleanser: Carrot Mousse

 Pallet Awakener: goat cheese mousse, salmon and rabbit
 First course: Lobster on celery root

 Second Course: Pea soup with a garlic flan and carrot escargo
 Third course: (picture not taken) Poached halibut with pesto couscous. Fourth Course: Lamb with egg plant parmesan
 Fifth course: blue cheese and red vine pears

  Here are some of the views we got to see:

Then Sunday we went to see the Celtic Women, which was awesome! There is something about live music, it is just amazing! Thank you mother for a wonderful weekend!!!!

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Carrie said...

Fun weekend for you guys! That dinner from Paris looked bomb. Glad I got to see you even if it was for two seconds!!