08 May, 2011

Our garden!

When I say "ours" I mean Ty's. This garden is his baby!! This morning I woke up to him teaching me how to feed the plants. " Underneathe the sink there is some miracle grow. Take two spoonfuls of food and mix it with water. Dont forget to get the sides!" I joked with him that it sounded like he was teaching me how to make a bottle. So he added, " make sure the water is not too hot and not too cold." He has planted spinach, lettuce, strawberries, and tomatos. He has done other tomatos and jalepenos and peppers, but they did not survive the lovely frost that continues to come during this beautiful may month. We still have plenty more to plant and it has been so much fun figuring out! Here are some pictures!

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Peter said...

Very excellent! When can I expect some food therefrom?