07 December, 2010

Thanksgiving in Moses

We just had a fabulous time in the quaint town of Mose Lake, Washington celebrating thanksgiving with Ty's family. We started the trip early Tuesday morning at 6 am. We drove slowly to Jerome, Idaho to pick up Kyna. A trip that would normally only 2 and half hours turned into 6! I survived my first Blizzard! All thanks to Ty, he drove! :) I am not going to lie, I have no idea how he does so well in the snow but I am sure glad he is a great driver!

I am not going to lie, I have no idea how he does so well in the snow but I am sure glad he is a great driver!

We then picked up Kyna and drove for another 11 hours, which should have only taken us 6.5 hours! The drive was not too bad, in fact I even took the wheel for 2-3 hours while Ty took a nap! Just a tip to those who are new to driving in the snow, do not drive fast! We saw 10 cars on the side of the road in the ditch stuck! we had two semis jackknife across the road! In part of the white out there was dead stopped traffic and because we were going so slow we were able to stop with out any troubles! On the other hand there was this guy who had passed us, driving extremely fast, talking on his cell phone and pulling a trailer. Where was he when the traffic was at a dead stop? In the ditch! We laughed! Also on our adventures to Moses Lake we played the ABC game, listened to some sweet tunes, saw a man peeing on the side of the road, saw a car drive along the shoulder and did not get pulled over when he passed the cop and many more great sites! :)

When we arrived in Moses Lake at 11 pm our time, we showed up at his Grandma Andersons home to find some nice warm "pancaked" cookies! Since I like healthy foods they put peanuts in them for me! We fell fast asleep and it was a gret day! The next mornig we went to a yummy little bistro called Michaels! It was a small taste of seattle. It was very modern and tasty!

I also got to have a small tour of Moses Lake. i saw where Ty got his mullet when he was younger, I also the new homes his grandparents bought, a few of the interior design store, the walmart (larry's favorite place,) the old rail road guy and much more! It was fun getting to know his grandparents.

I, unfortunately was sick, so I came home and took a nap and Ty and Kyna went running. It kicked Ty's trash! His family then arrived safely to Moses. I was awoken with a nice big Taylor dog pile! But do not worry Ryan got his own dog pile on him later!

We then spent time with the family. We created lots of new memories! The boys played out in the snow seeing who could slide the farest, who could dance the best, we played frisbee etc...

We also had some sweet arm wrestling contest, my man won! :) I was proud of myself I beat Ryan! He almost had me beat though!

We had a great turkey trot prepared by Kyna. We ran, dance, cartwheeled, saw how low or high we could sing and then I got sick so I am not sure what was after that! (No i do not have the egyptian flu!) :)

We also went to the yummy Chicos! We hung out with Ty's cousins and played the best game ever: Dr. Wario! We played hearts where i tried to bribe my way with grandchildren to the top :) We took Larry to get his pick up. We also had dinner with Grandma Johnson's side, where we played sardines for literally hours, we went and saw Sarah and Trina's new homes. I also got the ultimate tou of the farms where Steve and Julie grew up! It was a blast! We also had a great 3 games of bowling! We had a great time and hated saying goodbye!
Now its time to finish off the last 3 weeks of school!


Jeff and Carrie said...

looks like fun! I like that turkey trot idea! I can't BELIEVE it took you guys soo long to drive there! crazy! and Kelli, this is a little suspicious that you keep getting sick... :)

Julie said...

I am so glad you made it safely!! Thanks so much for making the effort! It was priceless to have you there! Also, thanks for bringing Kyna with you! We love you!! Hang in there !