08 August, 2010


So I know I said I would post more pictures of the wedding, but I do not want to right now ha Sorry! I love sundays, it is the one day you get to draw closer to family and friends, with out the distraction of homework or work. It is simply a beautiful day. Currently Ty's younger brother Kyrk is in town. He just finished EFY. Yesterday we went bridge jumping, played a little Bucci ball in the park, enjoyed great food, and watched an amazing movie called Sherlock Holmes. That movie was sick, I recommend it for sure! Today I am making a dinner for someone in my ward who just had a baby. I am following my mother's example and doing tacos, because its not spaghetti, but it is easier to do. Thanks mother for the inspiration!

Ty and I celebrated our two months of marriage 3 days ago. These past 2 months have been filled with adventure and fun. Naturally we have had many learning experiences but we have done quite a bit of traveling. We have been to utah to see Kyna run in a half marathon, and then babysat our neice and nephew. We have been to Washington for our open house. We have been on a week long vacation, which took us through utah, to vegas, then on the 101 and 1 in cali all the way back up to Idaho. All the vacays have been a blast! More to come on them.

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