15 August, 2010

Our Trip

We finally did a "honeymoon" trip where we literally did not have any set plans on what to eat, where to stay and what we were going to do! It was perfect! We drove down to provo the first night and babysat our nephew Oliver, who had been away from his mother for a week and could not sleep. He kept us up all night and i loved it, Ty on the other hand, not so much! :)

Day 2:
     Breakfast with Chris and Tori
     Drove to Vegas
     Stopped in St. George, so Ty could try an icebreg milkshake and look for paligamist families. Here is a clip of that experience:

     Went to dinner with my family, got ice cream, and saw the newly remodeled home of Trevon and    
         Stephanie (which was absoultely adoriable)
     Then to Kareoke with the girls and their husbands. Saw a little bit of Jungle love! 
Day 3:
     Had the name changed on the license, Ty could not believe how long we had to wait ha
     Went to lunch at the Venetian with my mother (had to get the Wolfgang puck's creme brulee)
     We also saw the "Bodies" Exhibit. Which was so cool. The muscles looked like ham..
     Picked Maddi up from work
     Went and saw Phantom of the Opera on the strip 
     Saw the water show at the Beliagio

Day 4:
     Went to church
      Drove in 8 hours of traffic to see Zach and Rachel (the were adoriable and made us a "honeymoon suite")
      Along the way we stopped at the Largest thermometer.

Day 5:
This man did not like us, so we took a picture of him :)


Drove to Long beach, did not like any of the beaches so drove until we found one we likes. We then rented bikes and boogie boards, and spent all day on the beach.

 We had amazing cuban food.
     Drove to the Salvensen's home, where they allowed us to stay the night.

Day 6:
    Drove to San Fransico, but along the way we had the most amazing clam chowder (I still think my mother's is better) and Ty had great fish tacos. We also tried deep fried artichoke hearts.. YUM! We played at a beach and then continued driving.


  Along the drive to san fran, we decided to look up hotels. we found one right in the middle of downtown San Fran. (it was a block from china town and in the middle of little italy) It cost us 50 dollars. So for some reason they will not let this upload the video of this room, so I will have to describe it. We had to share showers and bathrooms with the whole floor. It was a one room, queen sized bed with a tv that didn't work and a desk. It had an awesome view (if you dont look down and see the topless bar.) It was cheap looking but clean and we loved it! It was ran by Indians!

    We tried the most amazing pizza, italian pastries, hot chocolate and indian food. We saw the Harbor and walked San fran at night. It was beautiful.

Day 7:
    We walked China town, naturally i was in heaven. I loved every minute of it. We tried some of my favorite fruits. We also had some mantou and other goodies. We also bought me some of my favorite candies! Yay!

 We then drove to a small town in Carlin Nevada, where we took camp at a lds chapel. we made hot dogs on top of a starter for coals. They were so good! It was a super small town and the bishop laughed at us when we asked if we could pitch tent there!

Day 8:
   Drove back to Idaho!


Mom Taylor said...

I Love your Life!!! Fun!!!

Beans said...

Sounds like a really fun trip! I would love to see that hotel in Little Italy, I would totally be in heaven!